Centro Mundial de exportación

CANARIAS CENTRO MUNDIAL DE EXPORTACIÓN S.L., under the trade name CANARIAS LOGISTICA, was established in 2003, the initial idea was to become a strategic point for imports and exports.

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A bit of history

CANARIAS CENTRO MUNDIAL DE EXPORTACIÓN S.L., under the trade name CANARIAS LOGISTICA, was established in 2003, the initial idea was to become a strategic point for imports and exports, transit warehouse in Zona Franca with suspensive regime. It offers a comprehensive logistics service with a high level of quality. It operates as a Customs Warehouse from the Free Zone of Gran Canaria within the port area of the Port of La Luz and Las Palmas, for the Canary Islands, West Africa, Madeira, Azores and Cape Verde, enjoying customs exemptions as well as all the privileges fiscal and financial costs that this entails.


It has an office building available to our clients, where they can carry their own administrative/commercial work, and a business center of 1,000 m2, uses a computer program of control of stock, inflows, outputs and stocks, updated per day, our provider for this control is ESIMAT. The support of all the entrances and exits of the warehouse of CANARIAS LOGISTICA is a customs document, authorized by the competent body which, in this case, is the Provincial Customs Unit of Las Palmas and, subject to inspection by the latter in any Moment.

Our services

CANARIAS LOGISTICA, in its facilities performs services of loading, unloading, handling, storage, picking… It has six hydraulic springs, three 2,000 kgr. forklifts, one retractable machine and six hand pallet trucks.

CANARIAS LOGISTICA also carries out transport services, both full cargo in containers and groupage consignments in pallets and parcels, both within the island of Gran Canaria and in the rest of the islands.

Our facilities

We are obliged to keep a strict control of the stored stock and document any movement of entrances, exits and even breaks or faults on arrival. Our facilities are equipped with a surveillance service composed of 11 fixed security cameras and 4 DOMO cameras, which are recording 24 hours.

Currently, The Canary Islands has four tractor heads, two plates of 6 meters and four of 12 meters. Two refrigerated trucks of 10,000 kgr., two trucks with a ramp of 10,000 kgr. And two delivery vans for parcels. Currently, CANARIAS LOGISTICA has more than 30 employees (contracted and outsourced). The management of CANARIAS LOGISTICA is based on the global compression of the customer business, the use of the latest technology and a constant effort to add value in each service.

Tax Free Zone

The advantages of being in the Free Zone and within the port area:

– Tax exemptions. To the goods located in the AREA
FRANCA are not applicable to them, upon entry and while they remain in the
same, the taxes that tax the import:
1) Tariff duties (TEC) and levies of effect
2) Value added taxes (IGIC-VAT).
3) Special taxes on alcoholic beverages, fuel and
4) Agricultural regulatory examinations (prelévement).

Added value

All this aimed at achieving an objective “TO OFFER A GLOBAL COVERAGE THROUGH A PERSONALIZED SERVICE, SPECIALLY ADAPTED TO THE NEEDS OF EACH CUSTOMER”. CANARIAS LOGISTICA is the only customs warehouse that carries out inspections by the competent agencies (Customs, Government of the Canary Islands, Health, Soivre,…) in its own facilities, thus avoiding any cost of transfer to the IP.

The numbers that consolidate our fame






The services that CANARIAS LOGISTICA offers are the following:

-Consolidation / Deconsolidation.

-Storage or deposit of goods for unlimited time.

-Preparation of loads and orders.

-Group and split.

-Administrative and customs management.

-Control of stock via telematics.

-Transport and distribution.


-Promotion and merchandising.

-Classification of goods and placement of these in their areas and areas.

-Movements for positioning in inspection area.

-Import and export platform.

-Storage and supply services to the five continents.

-Tax deposit for non-Community alcohol for sale in plaza, in the Canary territory and for supply of ships.

-Tobacco deposit for sale in place and for supply of ships.

-Labeling, sealing and marking of all kinds of goods (alcohol, tobacco, clothing, cleaning products and personal toilet, etc…).

-Authorization for food storage with Health Registry.