Chemical Storage (APQ)

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Customs formalities

Customs clearance, Export, Transit…

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Load and unload

Services of loading, unloading and handling of goods..

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Transportation services for all types of goods..

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Tax Free Zone

Free Zone without tariffs or indirect taxes.

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Apq (storage of chemicals)

CANARIAS LOGISTICA S.L. in its eagerness to grow and innovate, in addition to covering new levels of the market, has just completed its project of Industrial Warehouse Sectorization to be used for Storage of Chemicals (APQ), in the Free Zone of the Port of Light and Las Palmas. This storage area occupies an area of 1,490 m2. From this surface have been allocated about 187 m2, by means of physical separation of an area intended for the storage and re-packaging of inert gases such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), this area is equipped with all safety measures and re-packaging machinery of refrigerant gases. With capacity to store cisterns and repackage to smaller bottles. The rest of the sectored ship, that is, 1,300 m2 are intended for the storage of paints, solvents, oils, cleaning products, aerosols, perfumery products… In this area of APQ all goods can be stored according to the complementary technical instructions MIE-APQ-1, MIE-APQ-2, MIE-APQ-3, MIE-APQ-4, MIE-APQ-5, MIE-APQ-6 and MIE-APQ-7.


In recent years, the passage of goods through customs has been streamlined and customs procedures for exporting and imports have been simplified.

Our country’s membership in the EU, an advocate of the free market within the World Trade Organization, entails a high degree of liberalization, without borders within the Single Market and, with respect to third countries, with customs control but, at a high level rate, with the goods coming in and out fully liberalized.

Canariaslogistica offers the customer the following customs procedures:

  • Customs clearance
  • Export
  • Transit
  • Storage: in Special Free Zone Regime, without time limits and free of all types of taxes


We have a great experience in the movement of goods, we have the right machinery to use in any situation.

Canariaslogistica performs the following customer services:

  • Loading and unloading containers
  • Bulking and palleting service
  • Shipping pallets or complete orders
  • Merchandise consolidation
  • Merchandise slit
  • Cross docking
  • Storage
  • Merchandise picking


Deciding between the different procedures for contracting the freight service is a not as simple matter as it seems. Any transport service will depend on two variables: the load and the route to follow. The shipping time as the third factor will depend on the previous two elements.  Canariaslogistica advises you so that you can move your merchandise easily and quickly.

We offer services from:

  • Full charge
  • Groupage
  • Paleteria
  • Dangerous merchandise
  • Special transports
  • Temperature-controlled transport


Tax Free Zones are limited areas, within the Community customs territory, where goods are stored, processed and distributed without levies, tariffs or indirect taxes. Companies located in the Free Zones of Gran Canaria and Tenerife enjoy a number of specific customs and tax advantages:

  • Inward processing operations – the generation of value added through productive or processing activities on imported raw materials and components – may not be limited by economic conditions, which as a general rule requires that the interests of EU producers are not harmed.
  • Exemption from the payment of arbitrations or tariffs on the entry of the goods in the area.
  • Exemption from indirect taxes for the value added generated. Only if they are subsequently exported to the common territory of the EU, including the Canary Islands, will the finished product have to pay for them, but not in the case of being shipped to a third country.
  • Possibility for companies that meet certain investment and employment requirements, to benefit from the tax advantages of the Canarian Special Zone (ZEC).
  • Possibility to provide funds to the Canary Islands Investment Reserve (RIC).